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The High Profile People Who Embraced Mindfulness, Meditation And Wellbeing In 2014

People Who Put Wellbeing First In 2014 (And Totally Thrived Because Of It)

When we're constantly working, it's easy to forget the important things in life.

Physical and emotional wellbeing are all too often an afterthought - even Michelle Obama has said all she wants for Christmas is a little more sleep.

Earlier this year, The Huffington Post's founder Arianna Huffington released her book 'Thrive', which explores how we can re-define success so that wellbeing, wisdom and wonder become the top priority.

Mindfulness and meditation have become more and popular in recent years, suggesting many others agree it's time for change.

In 2012 the Bank of England began offering meditation and wellbeing sessions. In 2013 celebrities like Emma Watson and Davina McCall showed their support for mindfulness.

Now we bring you the high profile people who embraced everything Thrive stands for in 2014, from Richard Branson's insane (but fabulous) staff holiday policy to actress Naomie Harris' sleep habits.

We hope The First Lady gets her Christmas wish and makes it onto our list for 2015.

Anderson Cooper

People Who Embraced Thrive In 2014

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