Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner Adopts Jewish Godson To Prevent Him Turning Into A Werewolf

The president of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, has adopted a Jewish grandson in order to prevent him becoming a werewolf.

Hmmm, let us explain.

According to an old Argentinian legend, the seventh son born after six boys with no girls in between is liable to turn into one of the mythical creatures.

Fear was so rife in the country that families would often give up their seventh-born sons for adoption or even kill them.

In the 1920s a law was passed to counteract the legend. It offered presidential protection, a gold medal and a scholarship for all studies until their 21st birthday but only for Catholic families.

In 2009 a decree was passed to extend the law to other religions.

Shlomo and Nehama Tawil, parents of seven boys, had written to the then- president in 1993 but were turned down. After the updated law was passed they tried again and Kirchner agreed.

She said: "It was magical to receive Iair Tawil, the first presidential godson in national history to profess the Jewish faith. Iair, 21, is completely sweet.

"His family, marvelous. His mother Reina Ester. His father, Salomón, a rabbi. His brothers: Rafael, Eliel, Eitan. I didn’t know, but his visit coincided with the celebration of Hanukkah. His father said it was no coincidence. He was right. They brought me the gift of a menorah.

"They asked me to light the candles, and for Lair to say the prayer. A very special moment. Later, they told me to blow them out and make a wish. Don’t even dream I’m going to tell you what it was."

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