20 People To Unfollow On Twitter In 2015


January is always about a detox, a time to cleanse yourself of negative influence, guilty pleasures and useless clutter. And Twitter is a great place to start.

Are you wasting too much time scrolling through the feeds of vacuous celebrities who only tweet pre-approved crap from their PRs?

Ever wonder, 'why am I so angry ALL THE TIME?' when your feed is stuffed full of overly opinionated journalists whose self-important blather raises your temperature?

Have you kept loyally following grimly unfunny parody accounts who should just die quietly?

Did you eve think it was a good idea to follow the D-listers reinventing themselves professional trolls?

Yes, we've all done it. But with most of us following hundreds of accounts, it can be hard to know where to begin. Help is at hand. Here are the top 20 people to unfollow in 2015.

Who to Unfollow