Frozen Inspired Make-Up Tutorial: How To Get Elsa's Cheekbones And Big Eyes

How To Do Your Make-Up Like Elsa From Disney's Frozen

If you're as obsessed with Frozen as much as the next die-hard Disney fan then this will be right up your street.

Binky Felstead from Made In Chelsea and makeup artist Olivia Newman-Young show you how to get Elsa-inspired make-up featuring shimmering cheeks, purple eyelids and a bold raspberry lip.

Here's how to get the look...

The base

To start with, Olivia uses Givenchy Teint Couture foundation and brushes it onto Binky's face - particularly focusing on the tops of the cheek bones and forehead to add contour.

She then dusts Flawless Radiance from bareMinerals across Binky's face to give a Disney princess glow.

To really emphasise the cheek bones, Olivia adds Too Faced Sweetheart Blush to the top of Binky's cheek bones. This really helps to make them pop - just like Elsa's!


Moving to the brows, Olivia adds definition using the Perfect Eyes & Brows Palette from Clarins.

She opts for a pale shade of pink from the Dior eyeshadow palette, House Of Pinks, and proceeds to apply it to Binky's eyelids.

To add the purple pop of colour, which Elsa from Frozen is known for, Olivia uses Vibrant Violet eyeshadow by Clarins and sweeps it across Binky's eyelids.

To open the eyes more, Olivia applies the white frosted colour from the House of Pinks palette to the inner corners of the eye.

She then adds a black outline to the top lash line using Daniel Sandler Long Lasting Black Waterproof Eyeliner. Using a brush, the makeup artist smooths the liner along the top of the eyelid. She then adds eyeliner to the bottom of eye, just below the waterline. This makes the eyes appear bigger.

Finally, Olivia uses DHC Double Protection mascara on Binky's lashes, paying close attention to the bottom lashes.


Elsa's signature pink lips are achieved with Clarins Gloss Prodige Intense Shine & Colour in Raspberry!

Right, now you're ready to go and build a snowman.


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