Soap-Dodging Brits Go Three Months Of The Year Without Washing


Next time you're on a busy train you might want to hold your breath (or have a nose peg at the ready) as a study has revealed that Brits dodge the soap for a grand total of three months of the year.

It also found that over a third of Brits take just four baths or fewer (is that it?!) and 227 showers each year, leaving 111 days of good old-fashioned smelliness.

The latest hygiene woe follows previous bathroom statistics showing that one in four office workers don't wash their hands after using the loo and that, as a result, you could have toilet germs in your mouth. Blergh.

The study by found that when we do eventually feel like getting clean, 35% of the nation opt to shower rather than spend quality time in the bath.

This is due to time constraints and comes despite the fact that 75% of the nation admit baths are more relaxing and better for 'me' time.

Bath time habits include reading a book, clearing our minds or catching up on social media and texts.

There are also distinct regional variations in the nation's bathing habits, with people living in the south west taking the fewest showers, while Welsh people take the most.

Londoners and those elsewhere in the south east of England spend the longest soaking in a bath – an average of 21.31 minutes. While those who spend the least time in the bath – just 19.21 minutes – live in the East Midlands.

And the businessman's bubble bath fragrance of choice is... Lavender. An excellent choice, if we may say so ourselves.

If there's one thing we're saying yes to this January, it's more bubble baths and less time being a grub! Who's with us?

1. 75% of people use their phones on the loo.

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