Be disruptive in your daily life We’ve all heard the phrase: “if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting
Be disruptive in your daily life We’ve all heard the phrase: “if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting
I have two children and I am done making babies.  I know this with no shadow of a doubt.  Give me a newborn and I will coo and cluck and savour those cuddles, but I won't hand them back and feel a hole that another baby needs to fill.  My two kids are enough for me. Some days my children are too much for me!
I know that this isn't the case at all. Of course, I'm needed. It's just really weird you know?! When your whole weekends are usually arranged around certain things and then all of a sudden it's changed and it's different.
It's easier said than done. As simple as it sounds, not everybody finds it possible to relax. Chores that still need doing or the murmuring coming from your child's bedroom as they sleep, can be stressful. There are many ways you can learn to relax!
When we wake up you fill our bellies with organic cereal and fresh berries,  full of goodness. You sit there and drink coffee and grab a biscuit. You need to have goodness and be healthy too mummy.
I am not really one for New Year's resolutions and who can stand the thought of the 'New Year, New You' articles filling my social media feeds. It is no surprise that one of the most popular New Year's resolutions is to lose weight. However, the NHS calculates that only one in ten of us sticks to our resolutions.
The perfect naptime escapism.
The only books most new mums get the chance to read are either made of thick cardboard or full of advice on nap-times and
I miss going to the toilet alone. I never imagined I would. Other parents made jokes about it. I just scoffed back with my usual 'yeah, right'. But it's so true. Even if I shut the door a little, it is only a matter of seconds before it creaks open and there is a little being on the other side, armed with a big grin and lots of probing questions.
Bathroom time is the only "me" time (most of the time) so when there is someone else with the children, like your partner or a friend, you spend a long time peeing. Not only that, just so that you can have a guilt-free stay in the bathroom, you end up making yourself do a second pee after the first has stopped.
I don't know about you, but I feel that when I am most content in myself, I show up as a better version of me for others too. If I'm frustrated, fed up or feeling desperate for a little space, then no matter how hard I try to be at my best, there is always a chance that the cracks will show.
She told me things would improve. She listened. And she never betrayed the fact that she was up to her eyeballs with needy people and their demands. She certainly never let on that this stingy pocket of time was the only time she had to herself.
If the loneliness stems from being over plugged-in to the digital world - then how about reducing the time you spend online. Put those digital devices aside. Come on. Not forever. Simply, unplug now and then.
Next time you're on a busy train you might want to hold your breath (or have a nose peg at the ready) as a study has revealed
They say that time is a wonderful healer; I know for sure that even if it does not heal all wounds, through time we learn to live with them and only when some time has passed can we learn from them.
Valentine's Day need not be all about couples. If you treat it as just a day of love, you can have a great day on your own; loving and looking after yourself. Don't complain about the lack of a partner; but instead, treasure the fact you have the time to pay attention to your own happiness.
You won't be able to avoid all arguments and squabbles while you're travelling, and it wouldn't be great for your mental health to try. But with a little practice, you can erase most of the unnecessary bickering and resentment, and truly enjoy each others' company day after day after day after...
Encouraged to drink in order to manage career related stress, many of these women are said to have gone on to become career women and mothers who have exchanged their beers for wine, and from drinking heavily in public to drinking heavily behind closed doors. In other words, they have become reliant on this vice, one that can destroy careers, relationships, and mental and physical health.
In a way I do envy those that are childless and about to embark on a relationship that will see them marry and have kids as the years progress. Single parents like us do the best they can for ourselves and for our kids - but the best time to get it right is before you've got it wrong, but some people need to get it wrong before they are ready to get it right!