09/01/2015 10:50 GMT | Updated 09/01/2015 10:59 GMT

NSPCC 'Alex's Willy' Film Tells Parents To Teach Children Not To Share Naked Photos Online

You might not expect a charity to make a video about a child's penis going viral. But here it is.

The animated film shows a little boy, Sam, taking a picture of his friend Alex's penis and laughing about sending it to their friend Katie using a service like Snapchat.

Katie thinks the willy picture is hilarious. She screen grabs it and sends it to her friends, who send it to their friends, and pretty soon the whole of Alex's school has seen his penis, and is laughing at him.

As the video's tone turns dark, Alex gets bullied about the picture and is contacted by a man he's never met.

The little boy's nude picture is shared widely online in the video

The video was made by children's charity NSPCC in an attempt to remind parents to keep kids safe online.

It asks them to be "Share Aware" and tell their children that while sharing in general is nice, sharing nude photos of themselves on the internet is most definitely a bad idea that can have serious consequences.


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Many people have been sharing the video online with the hashtag #ShareAware.