Child protection

Measures designed to protect vulnerable children are being abandoned during the lockdown, charities warn, and could see some cases fall through the gaps.
Lauren Etchells spent years on the run with her two children after fleeing her wife in Canada.
For men who are unhappy with the way their penis looks and feels as a result of being cut in infancy, there is no way back, Ali May writes.
Work with European countries to prevent abuse and exploitation is vital, they say.
Researcher at the UCT Children's Institute Lucy Jamieson says there is a lack of political will to make enforcing existing child protection legislation a priority in government.
On Sunday, the deputy minister of social development launched Child Protection Week with the theme 'Let us protect all children to move South Africa forward'.
Whilst the case of a Christian toddler forced to live with a Muslim family in England has reignited the Far Right and caused
Uganda is now hosting one million South Sudanese refugees © World Vision 2017 It's been one year since Bidi Bidi refugee
Where have children been in this election? The campaign has taken many twists and turns and ultimately has become, above all, an election about security, following attacks in Manchester and London. But there has been plenty of airtime for discussion about nuclear weapons, the IRA, Brexit, immigration, care of the elderly, the NHS, education and foreign policy.