Children are being exposed to pornography as young as nine, according to Dame Rachel de Souza.
Charities say the Domestic Abuse Bill needs to recognise the impact on children after record number of helpline calls in May.
More than 200 babies died or were injured due to being shaken in the past 10 years in the UK.
A safeguarding expert working in schools told HuffPost UK: “It’s probably a lot worse than the figures suggest."
"This is not Munroe Bergdorf's doing but is much more a failure of our systems".
'Grooming can no longer be shrugged off as secondary to other online crimes.'
Together, we must ensure that these children are not denied the help they need
Last August 849 unsupervised children were involved in referrals to police or social services by the NSPCC.
Any delay to act could put another generation of children in danger online
Worryingly, 183 referrals are made every school day and most come from primary schools.