Anonymous Blocks Jihadist Website In Retaliation For Charlie Hebdo Attack

Anonymous has reportedly shut down a jihadist site as part of 'Operation Charlie Hebdo' - a proposed campaign of retaliation following the shocking attacks in France.

The hacking collective announced via the Twitter account @OpCharlieHebdo that it would begin targeting jihadist websites after the attacks in Paris which saw 12 people killed at the offices of the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

On Saturday the Twitter account confirmed that it had taken down '', a site that French newspapers described as a jihadist website.

While it's unclear as to how the hackers were able to take the site offline, Mashable reports that it was most likely a simple DDoS attack - overloading the site's servers with traffic until it shuts down.

Interestingly, the most common source of Anonymous news @youranonnews has so far failed to mention 'Operation Charlie Hebdo', further highlighting the fragmented nature of the organisation and suggesting that this may be the work of an independent group.