‘Celebrity Big Brother': Former Winner Helen Wood Faces Backlash After Questioning If Chloe Goodman Was Groped By Jeremy Jackson

'I Don't Believe Chloe Was Groped'

Helen Wood has spoken out after former ‘Baywatch’ star Jeremy Jackson was thrown out of the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house after being accused of groping Chloe Goodman.


Jeremy became the first person to ever be removed from the ‘CBB’ house over the weekend, following an incident where he pulled open Chloe’s dressing gown in the toilet, exposing her breast.

Helen Wood

Chloe was visibly upset following the incident, which took place in the toilet as she comforted him as he was being sick after a night of boozing.

Helen, who won the last series of ‘Big Brother’, says she doesn’t believe the ‘Ex On The Beach’ star’s account of what happened and branded her an attention seeker.

Chloe Goodman

Writing in her column in The Daily Star, Helen said Chloe should have just brushed it off or had a word with Jeremy in private.

“I've been asked how I'd react had I been in Chloe's situation. Well, if a guy pulled back my robe, I'd give him a cheeky slap around the chops and brush it off or have a word in private,” she added.

“Yet here's the thing, I don't believe Chloe was groped. That is a monumental word to flippantly chuck around.

“And her blasé attitude in the follow-up episode just didn't match the drama of the initial event.”

Jeremy Jackson in the Diary Room

Helen’s comments soon had Twitter users venting their fury, with one saying: "Who wants Helen Wood's opinions on ANYTHING? She is just full of hate and bile."

"Unsurprisingly, Helen Wood is victim blaming Chloe... vile woman. #CBB," another wrote.

Another added: "This is an atrocious, s**ty article that blames women for being assaulted."

Speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room during Sunday night’s show, she explained: “He took my kindness for weakness. I don't think he did it on purpose. I don't think he did it maliciously.”

She added that she’d like to smooth things over with Jeremy when she leaves the show.


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