Steve Emerson Digs An Even Deeper Hole With Fox News 'Water Boarding' Apology

The 'terrorism expert' who appeared on Fox News claiming Birmingham was a Muslim-only city has managed to dig an even deeper hole for himself while trying to apologise for his comments.

During an interview with Sky News he said watching his appearance back was on a par with water-boarding.

While the original Fox interview is without doubt one of the most embarrassing displays of a knowledge vortex in recent times, it undoubtedly pales in comparison to the physical simulation of suffocating to death during water-based torture.

When questioned on the analogy he insisted he had not meant to offend anyone.

On Sunday Emerson sparked one of the biggest Twitter storms in recent times when he claimed Birmingham was a no-go city for non-Muslims.

He said: "In Britain, it's not just no-go zones, there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don't go in."

Even the Fox News host was taken aback...

His ill-informed comments were universally mocked and sparked the hilarious hashtag #FoxNewsFacts.

Emerson was forced to make a groveling apology and promised to make a donation to a children's hospital in an attempt to make amends.

He told Radio 4: "I was asked about 'no go zones' in Europe, which are a problem. I don't want to dismiss that. It's unfortunately getting worse.

"I was relying on information that was totally incorrect from sources I have relied on in the past... People I know and sources I've relied on."

Ironically, the entire Emerson saga is fast becoming one to which the average viewer is subjected to ever increasing levels of discomfort although they are yet to reach water-boarding levels.

Or so we imagine...

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