09/01/2015 11:32 GMT | Updated 15/01/2015 12:59 GMT

Charlie Hebdo: Fox News Anchor Shannon Bream Suggests Skin Colour Helps Identify 'Typical Bad Guys'


In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo murders a Fox News anchor has voiced fears terrorists may be able to avoid identification - if their skin colour is not visible.

Supreme Court reporter Shannon Bream made her comments on the Outnumbered panel as the channel awaited comment from President Barack Obama on the massacre.

On the back of co-host Eric Bolling taking the opportunity to argue the tragedy called for America to “over-militarise” its police force, Bream stepped in with this observation:

Shannon Bream on the Fox News panel show Outnumbered

“That’s my question about these guys because if we know they were speaking unaccented French and they had, you know, ski masks on, do we even know what colour they were?”

“What the tone of their skin was? I mean what if they didn’t look like typical bad guys, as we define them when we think about terror groups?”

Brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi are suspected of carrying out the massacre at the Paris offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo

Two masked suspects believed to be the Kourachi brothers were filmed leaping out of a car and pointing their weapons at a fallen policeman

French Algerian brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi are said to have burst into the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday armed wearing balaclavas and armed with Kalashnikovs.

Eight journalists, two police officers, a maintenance worker and a visitor were killed in the attack, which left France on its highest level of terror alert.

On Friday the Kouachi brothers were holed up in an industrial estate with a hostage in a town around 25 miles from Paris. A further siege believed to be linked to the Charlie Hebdo attack unfolded at a Jewish supermarket on the same day.

By 4pm police had confirmed the Kourachi suspects were dead. Paris hostage-taker Amédy Coulibaly was also reported to have been killed.

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