The Yeti Exists, And It's In Russia

New Shaky Low-Quality Footage Is Indisputable Proof Of The Yeti

Fans of mythical and almost certainly non-existent creatures have been working themselves into a lather over new footage of the notoriously camera shy yeti.

The mythical beast was caught on camera by Ludmila Hristoforova in Adygeisk, south west Russia, as he and a team of enthusiasts investigated previous sightings.

The low quality video shows a large, seemingly woolly creature wandering through the snowy forest, and features close up shots of the monster's giant footprints.

Local homeowner Andrei Kazarian said: "I heard footsteps and we were pretty sure there was no one else around because we knew for sure everyone else was inside the house.

"Although we didn't see anyone we saw its huge footprints. They were 5 to 6 centimetres deep and couldn't come from a human foot.

"We took a plaster cast of them and we estimate that it probably would have taken about 200 kilos to press the snow down that much."

Sceptics claim the video is simply an attempt to draw more tourists to the remote Russian town, but cryptozoologists may see something more in the footage.

The eery sighting comes a year after scientists discovered what they claimed was real yeti hair in the Himalayas. DNA taken from the strands was matched with polar bear DNA from 40,000 years ago.

The Oxford scientists who carried out the research suggest they may have found an unknown polar bear-brown bear hybrid.


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