Plenish Juice Founder's Ridiculously Healthy Diet Sparks #MyDayOnAPlate Spoof

When Kara Rosen, founder of PlenishCleanse, took part in The Telegraph's My Day On A Plate feature, we're guessing she didn't expect the interview to go viral.

But her daily diet has gained a lot of attention on social media and even sparked a series of #MyDateOnAPLate spoofs.

Rosen says she starts off the day with “hot water and lemon” and ends it with "ginger tea and lemon". Veg, salads and seeds make up most of what's in between.

To us, she sounds like the epitome of good health and virtue. But she has become the centre of ridicule on Twitter.

Many have started sharing their own versions of My Day On A Plate and they a very different menu...

Thankfully, Rosen has a sense of humour and doesn't seem to be taking the trend too much to heart.

And as much as we enjoy a good spoof, we have to agree with Darina Coffey...