'My Mam Has A Very Sore Vagina': Twitter Users Share Their Hilarious Stories Of Embarrassing Things Kids Say

'I LOVE MY PUSSY!' Twitter Users Share Their Stories Of Embarrassing Things Kids Say

(Warning: NSFW language follows)

It all started with this tweet from Nick Harvey....

Yes, the moment when a child says something unintentionally - or indeed intentionally - rude will be familiar to any parent. Or, indeed, anyone who has ever been a child.

As a result, Twitter responded to Harvey's tweet with a whole raft of similarly amusing stories. Stories about animals:

Stories about body parts:

And other amusing mispronunciations:

Then, of course, there are things kids say because they're mimicking what they've heard:

Or slightly misheard:

There were stories about kids with imperfect social etiquette:

And then there's the kids who just don't give a damn:

Still, we think the last word should go to this kid, who's clearly learned well:

Priceless, indeed. You can read even more on Nick Harvey's Storify thread.

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