21/01/2015 05:34 GMT | Updated 21/01/2015 08:59 GMT

British Airways First Class Shamed As 'Filthy' By Passenger Who Paid For Trip Of A Lifetime

A news anchor has laid bare the “filthy” conditions he encountered on a first class flight to the Caribbean with British Airways.

Owen Thomas, who has worked for Bloomberg, BBC World News and CNN International, posted the 30 second clip online on Sunday.

He tweeted: “Be shocked. This is what British Airways FIRST CLASS is really like, as we experienced yesterday. Unbelievable.”

The clip shows a dusty, dirty interior, streaked with crusted-on matter Thomas attempts to brush off with his finger.

He says: “It’s absolutely filthy. You can see marks here which can scrape off with your finger. You can see the stains down here.”

Opening out the seat to reveal a grille clogged with dust, he adds: “It’s when you open your seat, the real horror begins. This is first class. This is British Airways First Class. It’s disgusting.”


Accompanying the video, on YouTube he wrote: “This is what first class BA is really like, London to Saint Lucia on 17 January 2015.

“We saved for a trip of a lifetime and this is what we got.”

First class rates to the destination start at £2,700 per person.

On Tuesday Thomas retweeted a similarly mucky image also purportedly from a BA flight.

Wayne Simper wrote: “Had the same thing on same route in October. Emailed CEO. BA obviously didn’t fix anything.”

A spokesperson for BA told Huffington Post UK: “We have contacted our customer to apologise. We are very sorry that on this occasion we have fallen short of our usual high standards.

“We pride ourselves on delivering a relaxing and pleasant experience in first class, and are taking immediate action to address this issue.”