Twitter Hashtag #UkipFilmTitles Is A Must For Movie Lovers And Ukip Haters


Love films, hate Ukip? The Twitter hashtag #UkipFilmTitles is for you!

Yes, once again, funny British tweeters have been out in force, amusing themselves (and the rest of us) with movie titles given a right-wing twist.

And the suggestions covered Ukip's love of Johnny Foreigners:

And specifically, Johnny Foreigners using the benefits system:

They also covered the European Union:

As well as recent events:

And historical ones:

Not forgetting the gays:

And the women:

Nigel Farage's habits got a mention:

While these ones pretty much summed it up:

As did these:

Some titles didn't even need altering. Such as this one:

And this one:

Ukip, eh? What a bunch of WALL:IES!