Ikea To Roll Out Vegan Meatballs After Years Of Petitioning (You Can Still Get Normal Ones Though)

Chin Up Vegans, You Can Now Eat The Meatballs At Ikea
Katya_Bratova via Getty Images

Vegans around the world (or at least those that shop in Ikea) have had a victory after the furniture retailer announced they would be serving vegan meatballs across all stores.

Peta US have been petitioning the kings of flat-pack for three years, and has received petitions from supporters asking for a meat-free option.

"Peta hears every day from shoppers calling for animal-friendly on-the-go options", says PETA Director Mimi Bekhechi. "Vegan snacks spare animals suffering and benefit human health, which earns IKEA a round of applause."

The meatballs will be in store from April onwards, and reflects the growing trend for all things vegan.

There are now enough good, vegan restaurants in the capital that warrants a Best of Vegan Restaurants in the Evening Standard, and an increasing number of celebrities from J-Lo to Kim Kardashian are trying it as a diet option.