Thundersnow Is Turning Northern England Into The Planet Hoth From 'Star Wars'

29/01/2015 12:02 GMT | Updated 29/01/2015 12:59 GMT

Heavy snow across the North has turned many major cities and towns into desolate wastelands resembling the ice planet Hoth, as featured in 'Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back'.

With Manchester Airport closing, the UK looks set to bear the brunt of a potential six-inch snowfall during the coming week.

The result of the adverse weather conditions so far has been areas such as Liverpool maintaining a state of complete and frigid desolation, much like Hoth.

"This planet doesn't have a thing to offer anyone."

-Luke Skywalker

People have even clocked AT-AT walkers roaming the streets of Grantham, and Tauntauns wandering around in Durham.

Reports of TIE Fighters landing at Liverpool John Lennon Airport are unconfirmed, although X-Wings have been in the skies over Yorkshire.

Parts of the UK looks like scenes from The Empire Strikes Back