Thundersnow Is Turning Northern England Into The Planet Hoth From 'Star Wars'

Thundersnow Is Having Some Rather Unexpected Effects On Parts On England

Heavy snow across the North has turned many major cities and towns into desolate wastelands resembling the ice planet Hoth, as featured in 'Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back'.

With Manchester Airport closing, the UK looks set to bear the brunt of a potential six-inch snowfall during the coming week.

The result of the adverse weather conditions so far has been areas such as Liverpool maintaining a state of complete and frigid desolation, much like Hoth.

"This planet doesn't have a thing to offer anyone."

-Luke Skywalker

People have even clocked AT-AT walkers roaming the streets of Grantham, and Tauntauns wandering around in Durham.

Reports of TIE Fighters landing at Liverpool John Lennon Airport are unconfirmed, although X-Wings have been in the skies over Yorkshire.

Parts of the UK looks like scenes from The Empire Strikes Back

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