Wearable Tech 'Already Redundant' Claims Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

British Public Thinks Wearable Tech Is 'Already Redundant'

This is the year of the wearable smart watch. Right?

Well according to theseguysit is.

But as for the general public? Well, they’re not so convinced.

Despite the prospect of the Apple watch making it to our shores by the end of April, a new poll has found that wearables are among the top three technologies thought most likely to be redundant or unnecessary this year.

In fact a survey of 2,000 people by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers found that 11% of people consider wearables to be... redundant. Already.

It's worth bearing in mind, however, that while this number puts wearables third in IEEE's most redundant tech list, behind digital cameras and MP3 players, more people said it would be influential (19%) than not.

On the other other hand, though, that number compares poorly to the 42% who picked smart phones, 37% tablets and 32% 3D printers as the most influential tech. More people even picked the "automated home" (24%) than picked wearables.

So it's sort of a toss-up, albeit one whose calorie expenditure will be accurately tracked and synced to your smartphone by Bluetooth Low Energy.

It’s not totally surprising - Android Wear has been received positively, but only hesitantly by consumers, while the Pebble Smartwatch has won good reviews but slow take-up by mainstream consumers.

And of course there is an Apple-shaped gorilla waiting to emerge into the market in a few months. We have a feeling these numbers might shift around a little once the first solid gold timepieces make it to those customized safes Apple is building…


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