It's Vanessa's opinion that using sustainability as a sales tool and part of the brand message, has an upside and a downside. The upside is the point of differentiation which can attract consumers, while the downside is that it puts the brand in a different niche for other consumers.
While interviewing Mira I asked what inspired her new venture, which seeks to innovate in the fashion tech space (including wearables) and harness new and existing technologies to help make fashion more sustainable.
The dressing can send messages on patient progress to the doctor.
Smart bandages that tell doctors how a wound is healing could begin trials within the next year, researchers have announced
Our wearable tech, fashion tech (including smart textiles, wearables and soft robotics) and smart cities future is something I spend a great deal of time thinking about. How will fashion designers influence the wearable tech sector?
Including Christmas sales, estimates suggest that around 53 million fitness trackers will have been sold in 2016. It's a staggering amount and a figure which, as the CEO of a sport and leisure trust and a former athlete, should fill me with joy. After all, how amazing is it that all these people are taking such a proactive approach to their health and fitness?
For the lucky, access to healthcare is a given. It is there when we need it, just as any basic human requirement should be
Of course wearables can be really helpful when we are flagging, but they are there to serve, not replace what you want to achieve. And when we do something with the technology, it can make a huge difference. Think of the pleasure people get from vinyl records again, and lifting the arm onto the record, compared with a streamed playlist on your phone; it becomes an event.
Farid Bin Karim is the first student to graduate from the MSc Wearable Futures degree and has created a body of written work entitled "Couturier and the Art of Survival: a Technologist's Guide". This work is the result of Farid's ambitious attempt to explore the appetite within the 'closed-shop' of couture for current and future technologies.