04/02/2015 08:06 GMT | Updated 04/02/2015 08:59 GMT

Ed Balls Heckles Cameron: 'At Least I Didn't Leave My Daughter In The Pub'

David Cameron mocked Labour at prime minister's questions today after Ed Balls failed to remember the full name of a businessman who backed the party.

The shadow chancellor stumbled over the name of the man who chaired Labour's small business taskforce, identifying him only as "Bill".

Cameron seized on Balls' gaffe, claiming that the shadow chancellor could only identify "Bill somebody" when he was asked for the name of a business leader who supported Labour.

The prime minister joked: "Bill somebody isn't a person, bill somebody is Labour's policy."

Balls, sat next to Ed Miliband on the Labour frontbench, hit back at Cameron: "At least I didn't leave my daughter in the pub."

In June 2012, Cameron accidentally left his eight-year-old daughter Nancy behind following a family lunch at the Plough Inn in Cadsden, Buckinghamshire.

Balls failed to remember the full name of Bill Thomas, the former HP and EDS executive who is leading Labour's small business taskforce.

Appearing on Newsnight, Balls said he had come from a dinner with "a number" of business figures who backed Labour.

Asked who was there, Balls said: "Bill ... the former chief executive of EDS, whom I was talking to just a few moments ago ... he is a big supporter of ours."

Pressed on his name, he said: "To be honest, his surname has just gone from my head, which is a bit annoying at this time of night."