04/02/2015 07:02 GMT | Updated 04/02/2015 07:59 GMT

You Can Now Watch A Decaying McDonald's Burger Live On Camera

The last McDonald's burger was sold in Iceland six years ago, and has been on display at Bus Hostel Reykjavik after a stint at the Na­tional Mu­seum of Ice­land.

Thanks to various chemical factors, the burger and fries still look the same as they did when they were made, almost 2000 days ago.

Now the hostel have started live-streaming the burger not decaying via webcam.

burger decay

Hopefully something will happen eventually, like a little bit of fungus or something. Check back in a few decades.

Or you could make a pilgrimage to Utah and see the world's oldest hamburger, which has been going strong since 1999.

The fast food giant has previously attempted to disprove experiments like this, actively advertising that its food rots.


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