Britain's Most Health-Conscious Town Has Been Revealed (We've Packed Our Bags Already)

Britain's Most Health-Conscious Town Revealed...

If the contents of your fridge pack a calorie-laden punch and your takeaway habits are spiralling out of control then it might be time to move to Dorchester.

The picturesque town has been named as the most health-conscious place in the UK.

According to Tesco, shoppers in the Dorset town regularly buy a bucket-load of fruit and vegetables - more than any other place in the country.

If you're not feeling the move to Dorchester, then Taunton, Redhill, Cambridge and Hemel Hempstead were also close contenders in the health-conscious club.

The findings were taken from weekly data collected in Tesco stores across the UK over a 12-month period.

They also revealed that residents of Cambridge love their oranges and south-west Londoners don't shy away from spice, as they buy the most hot chilli peppers.

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