'Blind Trust Project' Seeks To Inspire Trust Of Muslims Everywhere


An experiment by a group of Muslims in Toronto has challenged Islamophobia with a simple trust exercise.

The video shows a man standing blindfolded on a busy pavement with signs asking people to show that they trust him by giving him a hug.

The response from the general public was overwhelming, with one man even leaving his car to join in.

Filmmaker AsoOmii Jay said: "We wish to break down barriers and spread awareness about Islamophobia, encourage Muslims to behave as the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught us in kindness and good manners, to teach both extremist muslims and non muslims that violence and terrorism is NOT islam, and we urge non-Muslims to learn about the true Islam.

"Pick up a Quran and learn for yourselves the truth. People may interpret any faith in how they choose to perceive it, but the Quran is the only unaltered message/scripture."

This social experiment has gone viral in the wake of the Islamophobic shootings at Chapel Hill, which saw three Muslims gunned down in a row over a parking space.

Muslims Respond To Charlie Hebdo Shooting

Muslims Respond To Charlie Hebdo Shooting

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