Fight In Ukrainian Parliament Spills Blood As Anti-Corruption Bill Vote Turns Nasty

Two Ukrainian MPs Got In A Fight And It Was Epic

Ukrainian MPs Yegor Sobolev and Vadim Ivchenko had a bust-up inside the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev on Thursday over an anti-corruption bill.

Sobolev, of the Self-Reliance Party, came to blows with Fatherland Party member Ivchenko as uniformed guards stood watching them.

Both were left with bloodied lips after the brawl, which is far from the parliament's first.

The chamber has seen so many fights it's basically part of their political process.

The video emerged shortly after world leaders came to a ceasefire agreement over the nation's battle with Russia. Fighting between the two countries will cease on 15 February.

However, the two powers don't seem to agree on what they agreed on.

Poroshenko stressed that the agreement contains "a clear commitment to withdraw all foreign troops, all mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine," a reference to the Russian soldiers and weapons that Ukraine and the West say Russia has sent into eastern Ukraine to back the rebels. Moscow has denied the accusations, saying any Russia fighters were volunteers, but the sheer number of sophisticated heavy weapons in the rebels' possession belies the denial.

More than 5,300 people have died since April in the fighting in eastern Ukraine between Russian-backed separatists and government troops. The new deal envisages a buffer zone created by pulling back heavy artillery and rocket systems 31 to 87 miles away from the front line, depending on their caliber. The withdrawal should begin no later than the second day after the cease-fire becomes effective and it should be completed within two weeks.

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