What Is The Super Shred Diet? And Does It Actually Work?

New year, new fad diet. And this time, we're talking about super shredding.

The brainchild of Dr Ian Smith, the Super Shred diet promises to help you lose 20 pounds in just four weeks.

The eating plan involves four crucial stages with an emphasis on portion control and consuming nutrient-dense foods.

While we can't be sure whether the diet actually helps you to lose that much weight, there are a hefty supply of Amazon reviews which seem to think it can.

Meanwhile, Anita wasn't so thrilled. Giving the diet a two-star review, she said: "Very American and all based on someone not working or maintaining a busy family life. There are better diets out there."

Here's how the four-week schedule plans out:

Phase one: Foundation

This stage involves laying the foundations for the next four weeks. Dr Smith says you should be eating roughly five small meals a day, which are consumed every three hours.

Meal-spacing is particularly effective for keeping blood sugar levels consistent. According to Dr Smith, if you eat a large meal this will produce a spike in your insulin levels which is not good news for your health.

Phase two: Accelerate

In week two, you should be used to the five-meal daily routine. Now, Dr Smith suggests replacing one meal a day with either a smoothie, shake or soup.

Phase three: Shape

Week three is the period when people begin to notice weight-loss, says Dr Smith.

Expect lots of "have you lost weight?" comments.

Phase four: Tenacious

With one week left to go, Dr Smith says you need to remain dedicated and tenacious during this time.

He adds that throughout the dieting process it's worth keeping a food journal to track your daily consumption. This allows you to record all of the things you're eating, which is useful to know, as many people mindlessly eat.

The journal also becomes a natural deterrent for snacking, because users don't want to have to write down all of the smaller snacks they've had.

Additionally, it lets you know what foods make you feel good, as well as the foods you were eating on bad days.

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