‘EastEnders': From Peggy Mitchell And Kat Slater To Pauline Fowler, Albert Square's Best Iconic Female Characters (PICS)

From Peggy To Pauline, Albert Square's Most Memorable Matriachs
BBC Pictures

Over the years, plenty of wonderful characters have featured in ‘EastEnders’, and we can’t help but notice how many of them are women.

While the blokes of Albert Square aren’t bad, it’s the fierce matriarchs who usually rule the roost, delivering witty put downs and driving storylines forward.

Where would be without Dot Cotton’s sage advice? Or Cora Cross’s witty responses?

Then there are the various pub landladies. Obviously, it’s impossible not to mention Peggy Mitchell, but what about Linda Carter, who’s currently doing her best to hold things together at the Vic?

Who’s your favourite? Check out the gallery below and let us know...


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