Meet 'Muscle Barbie' Julia Vins, The 18-Year-Old With A Face 'Like A Doll' Who Can Deadlift 180kg

Move over Valeria Lukyanova, there's a new human Barbie in town, and this one can lift more than most adult men.

Julia Vins is known as ‘muscle Barbie’ thanks to her athletic physique. The 18-year-old from Russia has gained thousands of fans online thanks to her dedication to bodybuilding.

“People know me as ‘muscle Barbie’ — I like this comparison,” Vins told

“I have these big, beautiful eyes and wear make-up. But at the same time, I’m strong. I can dead lift 180kg in training. I want to become as big as possible.”

Vins says she works out for herself not, anyone else. In the YouTube video above, she adds: "For me, a work-out is not just a hobby - it's part of my life."

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Vins was compared to Barbie throughout her childhood because her facial features make her "look like a doll".

"When I was 15 I realised I needed to change something with my life," she says in the YouTube video.

"I was not satisfied, with everything. I did not do anything, I was very skinny. So I decided that I needed to become stronger - physically and mentally."

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Vins says that nobody believed she could become a bodybuilder. Their doubt upset her, but made her even more determined to achieve her dream.

She has not missed a workout in three years.

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Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova