'Terrorist-Like' Al-Zebab Fringe Party Is Trolling Nigel Farage In South Thanet

Nigel Farage Is Now Being Trolled By A 'Terrorist-Like' Fringe Party

Nigel Farage's bid to be elected MP for South Thanet will require him to beat the Tories, the comedian Al Murray, and in the words of one local resident, the "terrorist-like" fringe party "Al-Zebabist Nation of OOOG".

The group, officially registered as a political party in the constituency with the Electoral Commission, says it wants to eradicate Broadstairs, one of the towns on the Isle of Thanet, and establish a "a Zebabist state run by Boalia Law". The party, led by the 'Prophet Zebadiah', real name Robert Bealer, campaigns to ban all hetero-marriage and to lower tax for bearded families - with women and children allowed to wear fake beards.

In an effort to directly wind up Farage's party, the website address "www.ukipthanet.co.uk" redirects users to their home page, where they lay out their "divine mission to free the Afro-Thanetian Zaliphate from the grips of Broadstafarian and English hegemony".

"Renounce Your White Skin" the party adds, in a message seemingly inspired by extremist groups like Islamic State.

A video by the the Al-Zebab party

The website used to be run by Ukip until 2012, with archived pages showing that activists even used it to fume about the state of modern politics.

Ukip Thanet's website in 2012

One of them wrote an impassioned poem about "England", lamenting: "So long my old friend, your days are numbered, being brought to an end". Another post fumes about an "unelected body trying to impose Sharia Law" in Walthamstow.

The website used to have some very Ukippy poetry...

A Ukip spokesman told the Huffington Post UK that he "laughed" on finding out that Al-Zebab had hijacked the party's old website address.

The Al-Zebab party clashed with Ukip last month as activists became caught up in a heated debated.

The party's leader has complained that his party posters are being ripped down and threats have been made against his life. The group has a habit of ending off its posts hailing "OOG".

In response to the local fanzine Thanet Watch calling their leader - pictured below alongside rivals Murray and Farage - a "joke candidate", the party wrote: "To qualify as a joke it must be funny, but the White Broadstafarian will certainly not be smirking once the Zaliphate is established."

Meanwhile, the group's leaflets have upset some Broadstairs residents, with at least one reportedly complaining to police about "terrorist-type" literature.

The Al-Zebab party is clearly a more extreme choice to Al Murray's FUKP (Free the United Kingdom Party). Standing in South Thanet under his "Pub Landlord" character, Murray claims to offer "common sense" solutions.

"The other parties promise a moon on a stick. We’ll do better than that: A British moon on a British stick," he said in his broadcast.

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