Madonna Falls On Stage During Brit Awards 2015 Performance Of 'Living For Love (PICS)

Madonna Proves She's 'Gonna Carry On' After Brits Tumble

Madonna suffered a massively embarrassing moment during her Brit Awards live performance on Wednesday night, taking a tumble down some steps right at the beginning of her routine.

The singer took to the stage to sing her new track ‘Living For Love’ while wearing a long cape that stretched the length of the runway, however when it came to taking it off so she could start singing, it proved a bit too heavy for her, and accidentally dragged her to the floor.

While we were momentarily stunned - as was she, no doubt - Madonna quickly picked herself up, dusted herself off and carried on, in keeping with the empowering lyrics of the song, and managed to make it to the end of the song.

Madonna takes a tumble at the Brits

Now that is what you call a “the show must go on” moment.

The upshot of it was, at least for that brief second while she picked herself up off the floor, she was able to prove to everyone that she was singing live. Every cloud, and all that.

Within minutes of her epic fall, it was all anyone on Twitter could talk about, with '#shefellover', 'cape' and, curiously, Guy Ritchie all emerging as the top trending topics of the night.

It seriously was the moment everyone was talking about, and while some tried to see the funny side, others were more impressed at Madonna's ability to "pick up her crown, put it back on her head"...

Luckily, Madonna has assured fans she's alright despite hitting the stage with some force, posting on - where else? - her Instagram page: "Nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thank you for your good wishes! I'm fine!"

Madonna’s ‘Living For Love’ performance marks the first time the Queen of Pop has performed at the Brit Awards in 20 years, last taking to the stage to sing ‘Bedtime Story’ in 1995.

However, after that unfortunate mishap we have a feeling she may not be in a massive hurry to come back...

‘Living For Love’ hit the number one spot on the UK iTunes chart when it was released on Wednesday, and is taken from Madonna’s new album, ‘Rebel Heart’, which goes on sale next month.

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