Simon Cowell Won't Be Hiring Katie Hopkins For The ‘Britain's Got Talent' Panel Any Time Soon

Simon Cowell REALLY Isn't A Fan Of Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins might fancy herself as ‘Miss Nasty’ on the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ panel, but the original Mr. Nasty, AKA Simon Cowell, has other ideas.


The music mogul didn’t hold back when he was asked if he’d ever consider working with the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star on the ITV talent show.

Simon Cowell and Katie Hopkins

"I would rather take a bath, fill it with vinegar, cut myself a thousand times, immerse myself slowly for an hour, than work with her,” he said. “So the answer is no."


Earlier this month, Katie hinted that she’d rather like to hand out her errrrm, unique style of criticism on a show like ‘BGT’.

"There is a role for a Miss Nasty on any panel,” she said. “We don't have any good Miss Nasties at the moment because everyone wants to be sweet like Cheryl Cole.

"They want to be loved. It would be good to have someone different. There's absolutely more TV coming up for me."

Hmmm, well it won’t be on any of Simon’s shows, despite Amanda Holden hinting that she may quit her role as a judge on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ after the tenth series.

Amanda is currently filming her ninth series of 'BGT', but has claimed that next year - which will mark a decade on the panel - could be a good time for her to bow out.

"I would love to make it to 10 years and then call it a day. 10 years is an amazing feat,” she said.

Which gives Katie about 20 months to try and win Simon round.

Good luck with that.


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