25/02/2015 08:59 GMT

Woman Makes (And Devours) Placenta Smoothie To 'Replenish Her Body Of Nutrients' After Birth

A new mother has opted to repurpose her placenta by blending it into some kind of Sweeney-Todd-inspired smoothie.

Kati, who starred in last night's BBC documentary 'Childbirth: All Or Nothing', gave birth to her beautiful new baby - and then, not long after, decided to blend and consume her afterbirth. Yum.

placenta smoothie


Kati added that it wasn't just 100% placenta goodness that went into the glorious beverage, she also throws in some berries, banana and coconut - probably to take the meaty edge off.

"It looks and tastes exactly the same as a normal smoothie," she said. "It’s just to replenish my body of the nutrients it’s lost.

"I thought it was a bit weird when I first heard about it but when I started reading up about why you might do it it became much more normal."

Hmm. We'll stick to green juice, thanks.



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