Comic Book Women Get A Realistic Body Makeover Thanks To Eating Disorder Charity

Super-human strength and the ability to fly isn't the only thing that's unrealistic about comic book heroines.

Their teeny-tiny waists coupled with huge breasts and disproportionate thighs are also unattainable for the majority of women in the real world. - a website dedicated to providing support systems to those struggling with eating disorders - has teamed up with some kickass illustrators to give the likes of DC Comics' Catwoman and Marvel's Black Widow a makeover.

Their eye-opening images show what super heroes, both male and female, would look like if they had realistic bodies.

"We didn't intend this project to be a commentary on whether or not comic books send the wrong message about body image," a representative with told HuffPost Women.

"Rather, our hope here is to show the extent to which superheroes' body types - as is the case with their super-human abilities - are fictional.

"Our hope is that when viewers see these superheroes visualised in such a manner that they can identify with, they may feel better about themselves and realise the futility of any comparison between themselves and the fictional universes of Marvel and DC Comics."

Check out some of the illustrations, below:

Realistic Comic Book Heroes and Heroines
Body Image Heroes