White And Gold Dress Is Leading Blue And Black Dress In #TheDress Debate

We Can All Go Home Now, Twitter Says The Dress Is White And Gold

White and gold dress or blue and black dress? The internet has adjudicated on a pressing topic which has caused a thousand headaches and rows across the globe.

THAT dress, which has divided opinion like no other topic we’ve seen, which has topped Twitter trends near constantly since its inception, has been resolved.

As of Friday morning, Huffington Post UK’s very own poll, which asks if it is a) black and blue, b) gold and white? or c) no idea, I’m doubting my own sanity now, saw “gold and white” leaping into the lead with 51.02%.

What’s more social media agency We Are Social finds that Twitter overwhelmingly thinks the dress is gold and white.

Overnight the divide was pretty much 50/50 but as of 10.40am on Friday morning these were the stats:

  • #Thedress, 650,483 mentions
  • (#Thatdress, 1,574 mentions)
  • #whiteandgold, 326,484 mentions
  • #blackandblue, 103,264 mentions
  • #blueandgold, 4,274 mentions

We Are Social spokesman Lauren Underwood told HuffPost UK: "Social media has allowed what would have probably been a short debate between a few friends ten years ago to become a global point of discussion.

"We've seen everyone from celebs to neuroscientists jump in with their point of view. It's almost impossible to predict what random event is going to capture the attention of the social community next, but when something like this does, it's entertaining to watch it unfold."

One person who will certainly feel vindicated by these findings is Oscar winner Julianne Moore, who has since thrown her hat into the ring, asking: "What's the matter with u guys, it's white and gold"

White and gold eh? Better tell that to Mindy Kaling, Taylor Swift, Emmy Rossum, and the 103,000 others who are not backing down on this one...

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