02/03/2015 22:16 GMT | Updated 03/03/2015 15:59 GMT

Atheist Hotline Set Up For Those Dealing With Loss Of Faith

Matthew Lloyd via Getty Images
The 400 year old King James Bible on display in Lambeth Palace Library on May 25, 2011 in London, England. The book is part of an exhibition called 'Out of the Original Sacred Tongues', showing bibles in various languages from as early as the 10th century. (Photo by Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

NEW YORK -- Former believers struggling with the realisation that Bronze Age teachings might not be the best guide for modern life can now contact a hotline for troubled atheists.

Launched in the US, 1-84-I-DOUBT-IT is the nation’s first helpline for the incredulous, designed specifically to help the once Godly that have come to question their beliefs.

The number was set up by the group Recovering From Religion, and boasts 100 volunteers working around the clock dealing with various issues arising from a loss of faith.

Speaking to CNN, the group’s executive director Sarah Moorehead said that the volunteers would not try and steer callers towards atheism, but offer sympathy and understanding, or practical advice on finding secular communities.

"Many people feel isolated or rejected when they begin to ask questions," said Moorehead. "If churches suddenly started welcoming doubters to their potlucks, the hot line project wouldn't be necessary."

The volunteers are not counselors, but work to connect people going through similar experiences, says International Association of Peer Specialists executive director Steve Harrington

“Peer supporters ask questions but don't provide answers,” Harrington said. “They help people find their own answers.”