This Hotel Serves The Best Plate Of Cheese And Biscuits EVER

Two Ladies Ordered 'Cheese And Biscuits'. This Is What They Got...

It appears that Steph Kerr and her stepmum Diane had what can only be described as The Best Cheese And Biscuits Experience Ever:

That's right: when the cheese and biscuits arrived, there wasn't a cracker or water biscuit in sight. No, siree. There were actual proper, sweet biscuits. Bourbons! Jammy Dodgers! Custard Creams!

This is our kind of establishment.

Kerr's tweet has gone somewhat crazy...

And as a result, her stepmum has now tweeted: "If anyone pledges to comic relief I'll tell them which hotel they can get this in".

You know what to do, people. Donate to Comic Relief - and head off to that hotel. Pronto.

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