'Sickening' and 'Racist' Taunts To Sikh Child By His Classmates On Schoolbus Exposed

Shocking footage has emerged which appears to show a child being subjected to racist bullying from classmates on his schoolbus.

The boy, who described himself as a Sikh, films an encounter with other children in which he appears to be chanted at and called a "terrorist".

He bravely tells them he doesn't care what they think of him, but when his classmate realises she is being filmed allegedly says: "Quit filming us - I never gave you permission. You're going to court."

The victim posted his disturbing footage online, sparking internet outrage at the vile comments supposedly made towards him.

It has been watched by thousands across the globe, notching up almost half a million views on YouTube.

The video was alleged to have been posted with the following description: "Kids being racist to me and calling me an Afghan terrorist.

"Please don’t act like this towards people like me. If you don’t know, I’m not Muslim I’m Sikh.”

The Huffington Post UK has chosen to blur the footage.