Ayesha Ali's Mother Likened Sex With Lesbian Lover To 'A Scene From Ghost'

Ayesha Ali's mother likened sex with her lesbian lover to a scene from the classic Hollywood romance Ghost.

Polly Chowdhury thought that Kiki Muddar was the conduit for her mystery soulmate Jimmy, whom she only knew on Facebook and text.

But Jimmy was nothing more than a figment of Muddar's dangerous mind, along with a spirit guide called Skyman who egged Chowdhury on, not only to get close to her but to punish her daughter Ayesha.

And it was only after the little girl's death that Chowdhury realised that Muddar had "groomed" her for sex and none of these characters were real.

Polly Chowdhury, left, and Kiki Muddar

Although both women denied it was sexual, the toxic relationship between Muddar and Chowdhury lay at the very heart of the trial.

Muddar's cast of self-serving alter egos helped her become intimate with Chowdhury but in her eyes, Ayesha was getting in the way.

The court was shown "sexting" between Chowdhury and Muddar under the guise of Jimmy who persuaded her to send a sexually explicit picture.

While she was on remand, Chowdhury told a prison officer that her friend had pains in her body and when she touched her, they would disappear.

She later told psychiatrist Dr Philip Joseph: "I now realise she groomed me 100%. I never realised it at the time. I was groomed for sex with her.

"Everything changed about her when she had sex with me ... Skyman was doing us a favour because me and Jimmy were not allowed to see each other.

"It was like his soul in her body - like in the film Ghost."

Ayesha Ali

Although she refused to give evidence, Muddar told psychiatrists that the character Jimmy was a real person, that she was not responsible for creating "Skyman", and she did not have a sexual relationship with Chowdhury.

Muddar told Dr Joseph: "I am totally heterosexual. Not a lesbian. I have never had sex with a woman. I had a number of relationships with men and have suffered miscarriages.

"She wanted me to share the bed. It's acceptable in Asian culture. Nothing sexual was going on with me or Jimmy Chowdhury.

"I used to go around to watch horror movies with Polly. She and her sister were into them. I was too scared to watch them on my own so we watched her DVDs.

"I have never had cancer but pretended to have cancer at Polly's suggestion so she could get out of her house and could escape her husband."

CCTV still released by the Metropolitan Police showing Muddar purchasing a new shower hose on the morning of 28 August

Muddar told Dr Joseph she came from a Sikh family but was brought up in the Christian religion and was a Jehovah's witness. When she was younger, she was a bit of a tomboy and she had horror nightmares involving Dracula.

Despite repeating the assertions that Jimmy was real in initial defence case papers ahead of the trial, her lawyer Henry Blaxland QC told jurors: "You know it is now accepted on her behalf that is not true."

Investigators traced the picture used for the fake Jimmy Facebook profile to a man called Avi Kapoor in India who confirmed he did not know either defendant and had never communicated with them.

And Muddar's fictitious boyfriend Dave, who was supposed to have died in the London riots, turned out to be alive and well.

He gave evidence to say that he knew Muddar through working at St John Ambulance but they had never been in a relationship.