Sony Project Morpheus Has A 2016 Release Date, And We Can't Wait

The PS4 Is Getting Virtual Reality In 2016

When Sony unveiled Project Morpheus last year the responses were cautiously optimistic. Oculus Rift had placed virtual reality into the public sphere and once the initial health concerns had died down Sony finally showed its hand.

Well it's a year on and Sony is back at the Games Developer Conference with a new and final version of its virtual reality headset. What they were showing will almost certainly be the final build and while the company still only had a few tech demos to show off they were able to confirm that Project Morpheus would have a release date of 2016.

Capable of displaying games in Full-HD and at a staggering 120fps, the final version of Project Morpheus is apparently easier to use and more comfortable to wear.

Journalists were treated to a number of tech demos which included a 'London Heist' mini-game that sees you rob a bank in first person using PlayStation Move controllers to control the character's hands.

Gaming website Polygon's Ben Kuchera described the experience as 'amazing' saying, "I felt in control of everything as it happened, and ducking to avoid gunfire while being able to aim back in a "realistic" way was a great way to show off the technology."

"It didn't feel real; I've handled a few firearms before and I know how hard it can be to fire accurately. It felt like you'd imagine it would feel if you ever found yourself in an action movie. It's wish fulfillment, and it works."

Project Morpheus is just one of a number of virtual reality headsets that are set to be launched this year including HTC and Valve's new Vive, the Samsung Gear VR Innovate Edition for the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.


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