Ben Stiller And Owen Wilson Hit The Catwalk At Paris Fashion Week To Promote 'Zoolander 2'

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson took to the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday, to officially announce the upcoming 'Zoolander' sequel, hitting cinemas in March 2016.

Rumours and news have been flying around for months, but now the two stars have crashed the Valentino runway, showing that they still know how to rock that Blue Steel and they're still really, really ridiculously good looking.

Stars tipped to join Derek Zoolander and Hansel include Penelope Cruz and Cara Delevingne. Will Ferrell is expected to reprise his role as Mugatu.

The original 2001 ‘Zoolander’ film - which tells the story of a “really, really ridiculously good-looking” male model who becomes involved in an assassination plot - featured cameo appearances from Victoria Beckham, Heidi Klum and Donatella Versace among various others, but it’s claimed producers want the sequel to be even more star-studded.

Apparently Derek and Hansel have come to terms on #Zoolander2 😗

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'Zoolander 2' started production last month and is expected to land in cinemas in March 2016.

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson Announce Zoolander 2