Chips On A Washing Line? Bread In A Slipper? Twitter Mocks Hipster Trend For Plate-Free Restaurants

Chips On A Washing Line? Bread In A Slipper? What's Wrong With Plates?!

Plates are so passé, or so you would think if you sit down to dine in a restaurant or bar that is vying to prove its hipster credentials.

It is becoming increasingly common for dishes to be served on slates and chopping boards, and in an attempt to stay ahead of the trend chefs are 'plating' up their orders in increasingly bizarre ways.

But savvy diners are having none of this fad and are taking to twitter to share their dismay with @wewantplates. Here are some of the most outlandish pictures so far...

Do you want cheese with that bread?

Straight from the garden

What's the time? Half past nine, hang your chips on the line

Milk test tubes... yup.

Grand designs

We don't think this would pass muster as proper Yorkshire fare

Off their trolley

Industrial vegetables

Isn't this what tablecloths were made for?

We're not sure this is edible?

Bangers and class?

Alfresco dining, without the risk of rain

What's more appetising than a trainer? Who doesn't feel peckish when in Sports Direct?!

These plate phobic foodies may think they're thinking outside the box, but - and we hate to be the ones to break it to them - this fad has already become mainstream. KFC have done away with paper cups for their coffee, and are instead serving their brews in munchable mugs made from a blood sugar raising mixture of biscuit, sugar paper and white chocolate.

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