Dog Greets His Owner, Sgt. Paul DiPaolo, Coming Home From Afghanistan

This is the wonderful moment Sgt. Paul DiPaolo, 29, was welcomed home from Afghanistan by his faithful dog.

Simba had been waiting seven months for the US Army soldier to return from his tour and Paul's wife April said the pup had been "depressed" while he was away.

"They would Skype while we was gone," DiPaulo told USA Today.

"Simba is very attached to my husband. He would get antsy and sit by the door and start crying. He was depressed and confused, but I can’t really explain things to a dog.

"I got him excited, asking, ‘Is it Daddy?’ and he was going crazy."

The footage was filmed in June but only just made it online.

"I just never uploaded it, I didn’t think it would get the attention that it did," April said.

She drove home with him but snuck in through the garage and made her husband go through the front door so she could capture the touching video.