Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Eats Raw Onion With The Skin Still On

This Is How Tough Austrailan Prime Minister Tony Abbott Is...

In one of the more surreal clips of recent weeks, Tony Abbott has been recorded inexplicably eating a raw onion complete with skin, as if it were an apple.

And credit to him, he didn't even flinch, securing his place as the hardest world leader. Possibly.

The weirdly impressive feat was performed during a trip to a Tasmanian farm to confirm a $200 million boost to the state's freight equalisation scheme.

This eye-watering clip comes just a few months after Abbott threatened Vladimir Putin, prompting a multinational discussion about which leader would win in a fight.

The Australian Prime Minister said he would "shirtfront" the Russian president - a slang term for a head-on shoulder charge to an opponent's chest aimed at knocking the opponent to the ground.

But he still finds ways to embarrass his nation, with some photo ops going a bit worse than this one. Abbott became a meme in July last year when he was pictured showing off his shoes in a less-than-flattering pose.


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