Android Wear For iPhone Could Be Closer Than You Think

Making a Moto 360 talk to your iPhone might seem like a pipe dream but the truth is that as we've seen in our own conversations with Google, the search giant -- at least -- is considering it as a possibility.

Well thanks to a number of surprisingly easy hacks from Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh it looks as though both Android Wear and iOS had the functionality required to play nice all along.

While it certainly wasn't easy enough that anyone could do it, the hacks have proven to cause something of a stir because it appears as though Apple's own software appears to be ready to send notifications to Android Wear devices.

Using the Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS) API -- a piece of software that allows Pebble users to get iPhone notifications -- it's soon believed that you'll be able to answer calls, receive app notifications and even control your music or count your steps using the watch.

While Apple is clearly focused on its own proposition, the Apple Watch, Google has openly said that it's considering the possibility of opening up Android Wear to iOS but that it would require the open support of Apple.

With Apple's WWDC developer conference not due until June and Google's own I/O conference taking place in May, it could be a while before any official announcement is made about Android Wear compatibility with iOS.