20/03/2015 08:07 GMT | Updated 23/03/2015 05:59 GMT

Magic Leap's Breathtaking New Augmented Reality Demo Turns Real Life Into A Video Game

Magic Leap is proof of a simple theory: If you throw enough money, and enough brain power at an idea, in the end, you'll always succeed.

The augmented reality company has -- it would appear -- done just that, tweeting the first fully-working demo of its technology which overlays a virtual interface over the real world.

To be clear, this is not CGI, this is a working demo which the team claims they're "playing around the office right now".

It's fair to say that the video looks almost too good to be true. With the ability to grab icons, scroll through mail and flick YouTube videos into virtual spaces on your desk it's every bit the future that we imagined when both Magic Leap and Microsoft announced they would be bringing augmented reality to the masses.

What blows the mind however comes much later in the demo, where the user selects a video game and turns the office into a battlefield with turrets, aliens and in-game environmental damage.

The sheer computing power that's required to run software and sensors like that won't be small, however huge advances in the arena of augmented and virtual reality have meant that headsets are becoming more and more portable.

Microsoft's HoloLens prototype was independent of any external power pack or processing unit, instead the company has managed to cram all the sensors and processing power into the headset itself.


Sadly absolutely nothing is known about Magic Leap, the mysterious company that secured what it reportedly around half a billion dollars of funding from Google.

All we know is that the company is creating an augmented reality headset, that it has been in development for just a year, and that it will -- at some point -- release a physical product that we can buy.