What Makes A Man Attractive? Video Shows How Male Beauty Standards Vary Across The World

How Male Beauty Standards Differ Across The World

Body image has long been seen as a female issue. But the world is (slowly) waking up to the fact that men suffer from the same insecurities and body hang ups as women.

A recent video, produced by Buzzfeed, explores male beauty ideals from across the world - and the differences are staggering.

Whether bearded, masculine and white "lumbersexuals" or mixed race Brazilians with Germanic bone structure, the "ideal man" differs from place to place.

Sam Thomas, founder of Men Get Eating Disorders Too, wrote in a recent blog: "For the past five years I've been campaigning and raising awareness of men with eating disorders with an aim to debunk the myth that eating disorders is a 'female problem.'

"Significant advances in awareness have been made in this short space of time to highlight the inequalities male sufferers face, but there's still a long way to go..."