20/03/2015 09:13 GMT | Updated 20/03/2015 09:59 GMT

Texas Set To Allow Students To Carry Concealed Guns On Campus

Jason Green wears a holster with bananas marked

Texas looks set to pass measures which would allow students to carry concealed guns on college campuses, mere days after passing proposals allowing the open carrying of guns in public.

Despite various student groups and Texas college leaders vetoing the proposal, it was, unsurprisingly, supported by gun rights groups and the Senate's Republican, and passed with a 20-11 majority, AP reported.

The bill needs to get past one final vote on Thursday but, if approved, will allow the weapons to be concealed by students while they attend university. Private universities would still be allowed to prohibit this, however.

University of Texas System Chancellor William McRaven, a former Navy SEAL commander who led the successful raid on Osama bin Laden, wrote a letter to lawmakers which read: "There is great concern that the presence of handguns, even if limited to licensed individuals age 21 or older, will lead to an increase in both accidental shootings and self-inflicted wounds."

The bill's author, senator Brian Birdwell, said: "My concern is to expand the freedom of our most trustworthy citizens."

Earlier this week, Texas' state senate passed a bill allowing licensed gun permit holders to openly carry handguns in most public places. Around 850,000 residents in Texas have a concealed handgun licence, which amounts to 3% of the population.