General Election 2015: What The Six Main Political Parties Think About Immigration


Ahead of the 2015 General Elections, Scenes of Reason gets to grips with where the top six political parties lie on that oh-so-controversial topic: immigration.

According to the Prime Minister’s speech in November, the UK’s immigration procedure operates in line with a points based system. This is only for non-EU immigrants, though Nigel Farage and UKIP would like to see this extended to include EU immigrants too.

A points based system is the criteria that the UK government uses to select which migrants are allowed to come here. It only applies to non- EU migrants. This system was introduced in February 2008 by the previous Labour government, but has since been adopted by the Coalition, who have made changes.

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So what happens to people who aren't granted asylum, refugee status, citzenships or an extension?

You get put into a detention centre until you are either granted asylum once you have proved that you cannot return to your country, you get deported back to where you came from or best case scenario, you have your visa extended.

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